Message from the LUFA President

(Sudbury – April 16, 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

It is with your support and many words of encouragement that today I begin my duties as President of LUFA. I would first like to acknowledge the outgoing President, Jim Ketchen, for his outstanding record of service with LUFA. Thank you, Jim! Your achievements, commitment and unflagging sense of humour will be remembered for a long time to come. I also wish to thank Charles Daviau for standing as a candidate in this election. The ideas and visions put forward during the three-way campaign rekindled members’ interest in the electoral process, which is a healthy thing for union democracy.

By the time you receive this message, I will have taken my place on the LUFA Executive following a quick but efficient transition made possible by the committed team of dedicated and competent individuals whom I have the pleasure of working with. Rest assured that LUFA’s Board and Executive will be working diligently to serve and defend the interests of all members. I also want to reiterate that all members are welcome at LUFA; don’t hesitate to share your ideas and to voice your opinion. I firmly believe that the solidarity we are capable of showing and that we displayed last fall will enable us to face the challenges that lie ahead. Thank you once again for the trust you have placed in me and please accept my personal best wishes as we approach the end of term.

Yours in solidarity,

Fabrice Colin
LUFA President

LUFA Board Election Results, 2018-20

(Sudbury – April 13, 2018)

Congratulations to Denis Hurtubise, Dora Radford and Reuben Roth (Faculty of Arts),  Michelle Minor-Corriveau and Elena Hunt (Faculty of Health), and Réal Fillion (University of Sudbury) who have been elected to positions of Steward to the Laurentian University Faculty Association’s Board.

The following members were acclaimed to the Board of Directors:

Library and Archives
Alain Lamothe

John-Jairo Marin-Tamayo

Mohamed Dia, Finance & Operations

Science, Engineering, and Architecture
Michael Persinger, Behavioural Neuroscience
Redhouane Henda, Engineering
1 vacancy

Robert Lemay, Music

Huntington University
Natasha Gerolami

Thorneloe University
Louis L’Allier

Transitions at LUFA

(Sudbury – April 3, 2018)

Dear Colleagues,

We have regretfully accepted the resignation of Jim Ketchen as President, effective April 16, 2018. His record of service, which began in 2005, includes three terms as the president. We will miss the insights and expertise that Jim brought to his work on the Executive, the Board, and the many committees that he served on, as well as representing us at OCUFA and CAUT. (We will also miss his robust good sense of humour!) We are indeed grateful for his commitment and leadership over the years, especially during the strike of 2017. Jim will continue to serve on the Board as the Past President.

At the same time, we are delighted to welcome our newly elected President, Fabrice Colin, who will commence his term on April 16. Known for his passion and dedication, Fabrice has already distinguished himself in many capacities at LUFA, including on the Board and on the bargaining team for three collective agreements. We look forward to working with him as we strive to improve the working lives of LUFA members.

In solidarity,
The LUFA Executive


LUFA Supports Striking Contract Academic Staff at York University

(Sudbury – March 13, 2018)

LUFA has donated $1,000 in support of striking contract academic staff (CUPE 3903) at York University. In a letter sent on the day the strike began (March 4), LUFA President James Ketchen wrote: “Having just gone through a strike in the fall, we appreciate the stresses and work involved — know and trust that we are thinking of you and support your efforts.”

LUFA and OCUFA to host press conference on post-secondary issues on Wednesday, March 21

(Sudbury – 7 March 2018)

On Wednesday, March 21, the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) and LUFA will be hosting a press conference at the university to announce the results of OCUFA’s province-wide poll on postsecondary issues. The event will be held at the School of Education Building, Room SE-208, from 1 to 3 pm. With a provincial election in just a few months, this press conference will feature issues important to faculty and students, including precarious employment on university campuses and the quality of university education in Ontario. This will be the northern stop of a provincial tour, and will include a specific focus on how these issues are perceived by those who live in Ontario’s north. The press conference will be open to faculty, students, or other members of the community who wish to attend.


Linda St-Pierre To Receive Award

(Sudbury – 15 January 2018)

We are delighted to announce that Linda St-Pierre is the 2018 recipient of OCUFA’s prestigious Lorimer Award. The award, which will be presented in Toronto on Saturday, Feb. 3 recognizes outstanding, sustained accomplishment in support of bargaining in the university sector. Those of us who know Linda can attest to the depth,  intensity and quality of her contributions to LUFA, OCUFA and CAUT. She is most deserving of this honour.

Congratulations from all of us, Linda!

James Ketchen

Grievance 2017-05 Faculty Lounge

(Sudbury – 11 January 2018)

In April, the grievance regarding the administration’s failure to provide a faculty lounge was resolved through a Memorandum of Agreement. The administration agreed to provide LUFA members with a new space by January 2018.

We are pleased to announce that the Faculty Lounge will reopen on Monday January 22nd at its new location in Room JD-234, just outside the library, next to the elevator.

Physical Plant has devoted time and resources in renewing the space. It has been freshly painted and a kitchenette was installed. LUFA had requested the possibility of having water access in the space. We were told that this would be difficult given the location of the pipes. However, we were informed today that extraordinary measures were taken to install a sink and tap in the new space. The cold water pipe was included and a small hot water tank was installed under the sink.

Furniture will be transferred to the new space next week. We will distribute the new passcode soon.

Given the new changes in the CA, this space is no longer shared with the administration. It is exclusively for the use of LUFA members.

Thank you to Brad Park , Pierre Fontaine and their team for the great work in setting up the new space.

Linda St-Pierre
Chief Grievance Officer


LUFA Supports Striking Workers at the Sudbury Counselling Centre

(Sudbury, 18 December 2017)

On Dec. 14, LUFA Secretary-Treasurer Jean-Charles Cachon and Kathleen Zinn (LUFA Trustee with the CAUT Defence Fund) presented a cheque for $750 in support of 12 striking workers at the Sudbury Counselling Centre. The strike began on Oct. 16, 2017. The workers, who are members of USW Local 2020, been without a contract since July 31. Standing from left to right in the photo (below) are Lise Plante, Cachon, Zinn, and Carolyn Szilva. “Heartfelt thanks for the generous support from LUFA and for bringing the cheque to us,” said Szilva in a subsequent email. “It was great to meet you. We are grateful to all of you for your support!” Plante and Szilva are both Laurentian alumnae, as are two other counselling service professionals on the picket line.