Our Negotiation Package versus the Laurentian Administration’s: Highlights

(SUDBURY – 28 August 2017) We are currently in negotiations for a new collective agreement with Laurentian University’s Board of Governors. Below is a list of the highlights of our package versus the Administration’s. A LUFA representative will also be speaking at the Labour Day in the Park event on Monday, Sept. 4. The event is being organized by the Sudbury and District Labour Council, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Our Package

Developed on the basis of the survey and extensive consultation with our members

  • Restores collaboration between senior administration and faculty
  • Facilitates a better work environment, including our work with students
  • Keeps workload fair and attractive for current and future faculty
  • Encourages scholarly activities and professional development
  • Supports our part-time (sessional) and limited-term appointment members, master lecturers and parenting members
  • Protects wage competitiveness and equity

The Administration’s Package

  • Damages the quality of education
    By assigning faculty to teach courses of other departments / arbitrary and late altering of workloads / reduced access to sabbatical leaves
  •  Diminishes the University’s attractiveness for future faculty
    Through unprecedented erosion of core faculty rights and further reduction of salary scale competitiveness
  •  Punishes faculty
    Through punitive workloads and new, unfair disciplinary practices
  •  Removes rights of members to leaves
    By reducing eligibility for parental/pregnancy leave
  •  Poisons labour relations
    Through top-down, anti-collegial governance measures that make Laurentian a managerial, corporate university

Further details are in our most recent bulletin: lufa-bulletin-august-2017