Labour Disruption Looms at University of Sudbury as Sessional Security and Pay Equity for Faculty Remain Unaddressed

(Sudbury –  Sept. 14, 2018)

Following a full morning with a Ministry of Labour conciliator, and after seeing no movement from the University of Sudbury to address the important issues of job security and pay equity for faculty, LUFA has requested a no-board report placing the parties in a position for a lock-out or strike in the first half of October.

“Faculty at the University of Sudbury are paid significantly less than their colleagues at Laurentian University and that gap continues to grow,” said LUFA President Fabrice Colin. “This issue has been raised in every round of bargaining since the faculty unionized in 2002 and the university has yet to address it seriously.”

After modest recognition of the principle of parity in the last round of negotiations the university refuses to deal with this fundamental issue. Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, and that’s why it is vitally important the university invest more in the faculty teaching in the classroom.

Agreement about job security for sessionals is also outstanding.

“Our sessional members never know whether they are going to have another job after their contract is up,” stated Chief Negotiator Réal Fillion. “This makes it incredibly hard for them to make long term plans for their families and decide whether they can afford to stay in Sudbury.”

LUFA is committed to reaching a fair agreement, but is ready to take job action if required. The faculty association is hopeful that the university will engage on these important issues in mediation and avoid any labour disruption.