Consultation on Public Sector Compensation

(Sudbury – May 9, 2019)

President Fabrice Colin and Communication Officer Desmond Maley participated in the consultation held in Toronto with the province on compensation in the post-secondary education sector on May 3. OCUFA was present as were the Ontario faculty association presidents and other union leaders. On the government side, there were several officials from ministries who took notes after making an opening statement on the provincial deficit. No government minister, deputy minister or MPP attended and there was no dialogue.

This so-called consultation was part of the Ford government’s political agenda that aims to introduce legislation by May 27 that would constrain bargaining rights such as by imposing binding arbitration or a cap on wage increases. OCUFA is taking a proactive approach in opposing the Ford government’s actions and reserved the right during the consultation to legally challenge such legislation. LUFA fully agrees with the attached statement made at the meeting by OCUFA President Gyllian Phillips.