Call to Action: Petition to Save Theatre/Motion Picture Arts Programs Launched on LUFA Website

(Sudbury – May 13, 2020)

Our petition to save Laurentian’s Theatre and Motion Picture Arts programs (taught in the English language) has been launched on our website:


We encourage all members to sign it. Once signed, an email will be sent on your behalf to President Robert Haché and to the Laurentian Board of Governors. 

The petition includes an accompanying letter that sets out compelling reasons why the University should intervene and save the programs. Most of all, we want to support the students, but we are also vitally concerned with the University’s tricultural mission to support the arts in Northern Ontario, which contribute to the economic and tricultural life of the region in manifold ways. The University can make a strong statement in this regard by affirming the value of these programs and saving the jobs of our members. 

We ask that you share the petition with anyone who may be interested to sign it.