Thorneloe Administration Accepts Rollover Offer for the Collective Agreement, 2020-2021

We are delighted to announce that Thorneloe members have ratified the settlement of their Collective Agreement with the Thorneloe Board of Governors for 2020-2021. The parties have negotiated a rollover agreement. 

The agreement provides full-time members with a 1 percent increase in their compensation while all other existing terms and conditions of employment, including the $2,900 progress-through-the-ranks increment, will remain in place. 

Although the settlement is simple, it took several months for the parties to reach an agreement. This was made possible by the President and the Board’s willingness to explore multiple scenarios and the willingness of members to be flexible on the payment schedule.  

While the Administration has agreed to provide the 1% to the salary structure, the 1% payment will be deferred for 10 months. Payment which is retroactive to July 1, 2020 will be paid on June 30, 2021.    

We thank President John Gibaut and the Board for their cooperative approach, which provides the members with some stability during these challenging times.    

We also thank Chief Negotiator Linda St-Pierre for agreeing to take on this role and for her efforts in arriving at this agreement.