Board Members

Committee Reps

President, 2020-22

fabrice Fabrice Colin

Vice-President, 2020-22

robyngorham Robyn Gorham

Chief Steward, 2019-21

Linda St-Pierre Linda St-Pierre

Secretary-Treasurer, 2020-22

jccachon_3 Jean-Charles Cachon

Communications Officer, 2019-21

maleynew Desmond Maley

Past President

jketchen James Ketchen


Arts, 2020-22

Reuben Roth

Arts, 2020-22

dora_radford Dora Radford

Arts, 2020-22


Robert Lemay

Education, 2020-22

Athanase Simbagoye

Health, 2020-22

Robert Schinke 

Health 2020-2022

Stéphane Richard

Management, 2020-22

mohameddia Mohamed Dia

Library/Archives, 2020-22


Alain Lamothe

Science, Engineering and Architecture, 2020-22

Michèle Bobyn

Science, Engineering and Architecture, 2020-22

Patrick Harrop

Science, Engineering and Architecture, 2020-22

Thomas Strickland

Sessionals, 2020-22

Andrée Beauchamp

Huntington University, 2020-22

natasha_gerolami Natasha Gerolami

University of Sudbury, 2020-22

Réal Fillion

Thorneloe University, 2020-22

Aven McMaster